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Drywall Building from Gainesville to all north Florida

If you are looking for a modern way to build or renew your favorite space.

You can count on us; we offer amazing trendy materials and high quality finishes.

We use Drywall also known as dry lining and plasterboard, this is a material typically used for the construction of walls and ceilings, as an alternative to plaster

It is made primarily from gypsum, which is a mined mineral.

Drywall is better than plaster which has a long drying time, walls and ceilings that may take weeks to plaster can be completed in a few days using drywall

It also has good fire-resistant characteristics, is durable and is relatively easy to maintain.

We work with high quality long-lasting drywall, it’s of course mold resistant and solid.

We use tested materials to ensure that you get the best experience with high-quality products available for all your projects.

Besides high-quality materials, we guarantee you’ll get the best finishes and a peaceful building/remodeling process.

You’ll discover great advantages using Drywall on your projects

  • Drywall is a material produced faster than others. This is a big difference in costs during construction.
  • Even though drywall building is slightly heavy, our professional team using the right lifting machines and equipment will install either walls or ceilings in no time. You’ll notice how the installation is done really fast.
  • Our Drywall building is durable and high quality. Besides, our drywall plastering will make the surface stronger than using other similar materials.
  • Another amazing advantage about Drywall building that will bring a lot of peace of mind is that it´s fire resistant, due to the gypsum which will prevent the fire from spreading.
  • It’s cost effective.
  • Drywall building works for the construction of regular walls and ceilings but also as a partition.

It can be removed and installed easily and can be cut in all sizes.

  • With drywall building of ceilings and walls, you can decide what to install; probably a sunken lighting or a special finish and you´ll be confident of hanging anything you want on it.
Drywall Building

Types of Drywall

The most known type is the regular drywall, it’s appropriate for most applications, there are many other types that are better suited for exceptional settings.

¬Once you have determined which type is best for your project, we will help you to figure out how much you’ll need.
We will measure the square footage of the walls and ceilings you need to cover.

We’ll use a joint compound, often called “mud” or “Spackle,” it goes hand in hand with drywall.

It is made from a mixture of limestone, emulsifiers, various polymers, and water.

Its smooth texture makes it look stunning, with sand and blend to create a smooth finish.

Traditional Joint compound typically takes about a day to dry, so we apply fast setting mixes to complete the application sooner.
Drywall mud is typically applied over fiber-mesh or paper drywall tape. This tape is used to close up and tighten seams that occur when drywall sheets are hung side by side.

Let’s know a little more about Drywall

  • As we’ve already mentioned Drywall is mainly made of gypsum.
  • Gypsum is a mineral usually found in massive beds that look like white sand.
  • We find Gypsum beds in the United States in the popular White Sands National Monument in New Mexico.
  • Although it’s used to make drywall, there is a large amount of water in gypsum.
  • The water is in crystalline form, which is why the individual molecules of gypsum are dry.
  • These crystalline water molecules make drywall a fire- resistant material.
  • If drywall gets hot, the water crystals begin to disrupt and start to vaporize, as the water reaches its boiling point.
  • The evaporating water crystals keep the drywall cool, protecting the structure behind it.
  • Well, as you can see Drywall besides being a modern and trendy material is very dependable and safe.

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