Drywall Repairing and Installation in Gainesville

Drywall Repairing and Installation from Gainesville to all north Florida

External Framing Solutions

We have everything you need around the supply and installation of external framing.

We’ve made the best possible building solutions custom-made to each individual project.

We have backed up with complete design service and insurances to provide a high-quality product.

At International Drywall System, we ensure that we are always competitive on safety, quality, and finishes.

The supply and installation of Lightweight Steel Framing, Rain screen cladding (aluminum, terracotta, stone, wooden, high-pressure laminate, etc), external wall insulation, and render systems.

Lightweight Steel Framing – The use of light gauge galvanized steel frame construction has become a method of construction to provide the internal skin of your external wall.

We install our own approved lightweight steel framing.

We use tested materials to ensure that you get the best experience with high-quality products available for all your projects.

Besides high-quality materials, we guarantee you´ll get the best finishes and a peaceful building/remodeling process.

Drywall Repairing and Installation Gainesville

Interior Framing Solutions and Partitions

Proven interior steel stud and track solution; our Interior Drywall products are outstandingly manufactured and with certified quality, including friendly management systems and installation.

We offer great wall solutions, including fancy and elegant walls for living rooms, lobbies, meeting rooms, halls, anterooms, etc.
Our walls have outstanding finishes, and our installation does not affect your ceilings either your floors.

We also include in our services solutions for Wall lining in different materials and designs, such as Wood, vinyl, wallpaper, and even 3D designs to give that originality to that special room.

Ceiling Installation

Ceiling Installation

We offer an astonishing acoustic ceiling installation.

Many of the commercial suspended ceiling constructions consist of metal channels in the shape of an upside-down T.

These upside-down T’s are commonly suspended on wires from the overhead structure.

When installing we create a space between the building’s structure and the finished ceiling.

It looks really elegant.

Internal Lining

Internal Lining

Our option for residential buildings is a great choice for internal wall linings.

Your imagination has no limits with us.

We offer internal wall lining that could be: plasterboard, timber boards, timber panels, plywood panels, formed concrete or corrugated Color bond sheets, wallpaper, and 3D wallpaper and panels.

We help you and give you the advice to discover how to give a new beginning to your house.

Just think about what you aspire to achieve and how you want to deal with the connection between the wall lining and the ceiling, we are glad to help you.

Textured Finishes

Textured Finishes

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With International Drywall System the most dependable building and remodeling company, you’ll make your dreams come true.
If you entrust us with your project, you’ll get:

  • A full wall and ceiling-high quality and good-looking system solution.
  • Strong enough to resist lateral forces during an earthquake.
  • Fire-resistant materials.
  • Structural damage decrease in every system.
  • Systems with differential movements and finishes.
  • A full wall and ceiling seismic system solution.
  • Our solutions prevent tiles and lining boards from displacing.
  • Will support critical services after an earthquake
  • Protects the safety of all building occupants.
  • We can make your dreams come true, just let us know what you want, and we’ll help you.
  • Remember all our services include the requirements of insurances, licenses from each region.
  • We offer warranties extended up to one year.
  • High-quality services and materials, a property valuation will be included.
  • If you are considering selling at a better price, we’ll include the current cost of your property (house, building, etc.) and the new final price including all the renovations.
  • Work on ceilings and walls is done covering the floor and furniture in this way there’s no damage at all.
  • Save time and money: we offer to make installation quicker and easier.
  • Because it is lighter, the costs are less than traditional thickness steel.

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