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Wood Framing System from Gainesville to all north Florida

Talking about framing is very common that some people do not consider what is behind the painted walls or exterior surface in most buildings.

Wood framing is also called light framing; it includes the assembly of dimensional lumber or processed wood.

The lumber is spaced and joined together with nails to create floor, wall and roof assemblies.

Wood frame construction is the predominant method of building homes and apartments in the United State, enabling this nation to have the world’s best-housed population.

Wood is the most common material used within the construction industry today.

There are some differences in every area, for example, the outside facing walls are made of 2×4 or 2×6 studs, which allows different amounts of insulation.

Wood frame construction is not new; it has existed for many years.

If you visit a construction site to observe the frame of such a structure, you will be able to find out the placement of the different support pieces and their importance.

Wood Framing System in Gainesville

Let’s know a little more about it…

Wood frames are used to create load bearing or non-load bearing walls.

Load bearing walls are structural walls that transport and connect loads from above to beneath floor borders.

Non-load bearing walls don´t have a structural function.

You can find the following components in the wooden wall frame:

  • Studs are vertical wood members, spaced evenly apart, and attached to both bottom and top plates.
  • A header is made of multiple wood members and placed over an opening. It is attached to adjoining studs and evenly distributes building loads around the opening.
  • A bottom plate or sole plate is a horizontal wood member at the base of the wall, fastened to the floor frame.
  • A sill is wood member under an opening, attached to adjoining studs, that supports the windows.
  • Blocking refers to small wood members that are fastened between studs for the purpose of attaching finish hardware or blocking the spread of fire within the wall cavity.
  • The top plate is a horizontal wood member at the top of studs.
  • The king plate is a secondary plate fastened to the top plate, used to interconnect corners and interior wall frames within a building.

House building and remodeling

House building and remodeling

Both, remodeling and renewing mean to make improvements or positive changes on an existing building or home.

To make all your dreams come true and be really successful with your building and remodeling projects you should contact International Drywall Systems.

We can help you and give you advice when you feel necessary to renovate your special place.

Renovation and remodeling is to bring a place back to life.

Renovations can often be subtle, improving on the existing building or house, or they can even be drastic, for a new beginning.

Since most house frames use wood as the primary component, it’s important to learn more about this versatile material.

Mainly most of the lumber that’s available through either lumberyards or home centers today is graded one or better, two or better or three or better.

Number-one graded lumber is the best wood you can get for your home.

Also know that number-one grade wood will have fewer knots and less shrinkage.

We offer the best exterior and interior wood framing, sprightly installation and excellent finishes.

  • We can make your dreams come true, just let us know what you want, and we’ll help you.
  • Remember all our services include the requirements of insurances, licenses from each region.
  • We offer warranties extended up to one year.
  • High-quality services and materials, a property valuation will be included.
  • If you are considering selling at a better price, we’ll include the current cost of your property (house, building, etc.) and the new final price including all the renovations.
  • Work on ceilings and walls is done covering the floor and furniture in this way there’s no damage at all.
  • Save time and money: we offer to make installation quicker and easier.

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